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Discuss your objectives and needs

We go through a specific process when we create websites. Quite simply, it involves figuring out what you need, making it, and then making sure that you're happy with it. We need to figure out what you want your website to have. The core functionality will be considered at this point, and how it will serve as the basis for the website.

Review any existing materials

We need to go over current materials you already have, such as photographs, charts, other images, information articles, videos (if you're planning to use them on your website), driving directions, and anything that might go on the website.

Agree on project scope

We'll agree on what the final product should consist of, to make sure that we're on the same page in terms of what to expect and what is to be done for building a website. This is to ensure that clients don't get a finished webpage missing the functionality that they wanted in the first place!

Develop website

We'll develop the website on our own servers, test the website, and if applicable thoroughly test the programming to ensure that it behaves as expected.

Upload to a host

After the website has been made, we'll upload it to a host for you. If tek's code will be providing the hosting, then we'll upload it to the server we have provided you and again verify that all aspects of the website meet your expectations.

Post site-completion

Now that your website is finished (for the most part), we'll fine-tune it in the event that there are some things that you'd like to change. We'll also take this time to submit it to search engines (the top search engines that deliver over 95% of the search engine hits).

If you've chosen the option to have tek's code host and webmaster your site, we will also be available to perform maintenance on it as needed and perform other task that may become necessary.