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Tek's Code now known as Jones Systems

Jones Systems used to be known as Tek's Code. I decided to change the name to something more expressive than just my passion for programming and web development. I am also proud of my name as well as my reputation for delivering products that are even better than my clients expect. I also chose Systems as a more general term which sort of serves as an umbrella for the plethora of services I perform: consulting, web development, search engine optimization, programming, network management, building workstations and servers, and more.


The mission of Jones Systems is to develop highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, problem solving and solution enhancing websites for individuals and small businesses. I feel that the personal touch gained by using a small web development firm gives each website its own character whih is critical in today's world of cookie-cutter web designers.

About Jason Jones, of Jones Systems

I'm located in the beautiful city of Renton. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the geography of Washington state, Renton is located near Seattle, in the Puget Sound region. I've been programming websites for years, implementing a broad spectrum of tools and technologies to achieve the most desireable results. I primarily use PHP (programming language) and MySQL (database) for websites. As such I have become very capable and proficient with these technologies. I also strive for valid and compliant XHTML (website markup language) and CSS (an aesthetic meta language).